content work produce form


It was a great joy to be asked to curate a group writing project for Sophia Hao, curator at Cooper Gallery in Dundee, for their amazing International Symposium: 12-Hour Action Group.

I asked 11 women to write with me in a shared Google document over a few months at the end of 2016, and we produced poetic texts that responded first to Monica Ross’ text history or not, a selection of articles discussing Feministo & associated feminist art projects, and the artists and artwork featured in the Cooper Gallery exhibition Of Other Spaces: Where does gesture become event?, and then to one another’s writing.

You can now read our full texts and see videos of our performances here: content work produce form.

We are also pleased to announce that our group will continue this project in 2017, taking on the name ’12’.  Our group of 12 women will write in a shared Google document, one woman posting a poem each month and each of the other women responding to that poem and then to one another’s poems.  We will aim to hold readings showcasing the work as it develops, and to eventually publish the work online and/or in print.

content work produce form:

A collective writing project
Performed at the Of Other Spaces 12-Hour Action Group
Saturday 3 December 2016, Cooper Gallery DJCAD
Writers: Tessa Berring, Anne Laure Coxam, Lynn Davidson, Georgi Gill, Marjorie Lotfi Gill, Jane Goldman, Rachel McCrum, Jane McKie, Theresa Munoz, Alice Tarbuck, Karen Veitch, JL Williams