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It is a great honour to share these generous reflections from some of the exceptional people who have been kind enough to spend time with me as a coach and mentor.

Jennifer gave me really practical tools to track my journey, identify my needs and address both the barriers and boundaries necessary to bring my hopes and dreams into fruition.

Jennifer’s ongoing encouragement and care has contributed to me progressing from aspirations of establishing a more coherent writing practice to being accepted onto a DFA programme in Creative Writing and my first published poetry series, just one year on from our session together.

One of the things that became abundantly clear in my coaching sessions with Jennifer was the little time and energy I afforded self care. My personal history features a number of violent and traumatic experiences as well as profound personal loss. As a queer person I had in many ways lost hope/sight of ways in which I might be able to ‘feel family’ again and of being able to fall in Love.

Now in the summer of 2020 despite the trauma of this spring/summer in our Covid complicated world I feel my roots firmly planted in this place – myself, my own skin, Scotland – that I now call home, I have a family here that I have found and made. And, I am most wonderfully – and some what unexpectedly – very much in Love – and know I am loved in return.’ Luke Pell

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