Writing Support

I offer mentoring, coaching, workshops and manuscript feedback. Rates are negotiable and based initially on those suggested by the Society of Authors and the Scottish Book Trust. Please contact me any time for more details or to talk about how I can support you as a writer.


Use my experience to enhance yours.


Identify your goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

Workshops and Manuscript Feedback

Reading, writing, collaboration and performance workshops tailored for your needs. Review and feedback of manuscripts as well as suggestions for publication routes.

Let’s create together.

It is a great honour to share these generous reflections from some of the exceptional people I have had the pleasure of working with…

‘Since first meeting Jennifer to talk about my practice she has become an incredibly important mentor and coach offering insight and an attentiveness unlike any I have previously known. Jennifer’s practice – entire being – as a poet brings a such a highly-tuned sensitivity, understanding of and intuition for subtlety, nuance and complexity to the way she works with people, their practice and lived experience. Her compassionate criticality supported me through an intense and important process of self-relfection, review and re-orientation that has led to truly significant shifts in my personal life and professional practice.

I am thrilled when I revisit the work we did together in coaching – a year on – to see that I have realised the growth and developments we mapped out together.

Jennifer gave me really practical tools to track my journey, identify my needs and address both the barriers and boundaries necessary to bring my hopes and dreams into fruition.

Jennifer’s ongoing encouragement and care has contributed to me progressing from aspirations of establishing a more coherent writing practice to being accepted onto a DFA programme in Creative Writing and my first published poetry series, just one year on from our session together.

One of the things that became abundantly clear in my coaching sessions with Jennifer was the little time and energy I afforded self care. My personal history features a number of violent and traumatic experiences as well as profound personal loss. As a queer person I had in many ways lost hope/sight of ways in which I might be able to ‘feel family’ again and of being able to fall in Love.

Now in the summer of 2020 despite the trauma of this spring/summer in our Covid complicated world I feel my roots firmly planted in this place – myself, my own skin, Scotland – that I now call home, I have a family here that I have found and made. And, I am most wonderfully – and some what unexpectedly – very much in Love – and know I am loved in return.’

Luke Pell, Curator – Maker – Poet

‘Jennifer’s input and ongoing support has been invaluable to me. Her vast experience as a poet, her keen editorial eye and her work ethic are nothing short of exceptional. Each time I have met with Jennifer, I have come away feeling my work is stronger for it and with a clearer sense of what it is I am trying to do and say. Some people have an uncanny ability to bring the best out in others, sometimes things you don’t even know are there. Jennifer is one of those people, a shining example of a mentor/writer, always supportive and always in tune with your work and you as a person.’

David Linklater, Poet

‘My life coaching sessions with Jennifer helped me to define, strengthen, and enhance my work as a practicing writer and teacher of creative writing.  Jennifer is a sensitive, holistic, and generous life coach, and she brings a depth of experience to her work.’

Lynn Davidson, Poet

‘Jennifer has an obvious passion for poetry and for motivating others to reach their writing goals. She takes a holistic approach in that discussions often centre around development of the person as well as the writer. She has a gentle way of coaching you towards both the strengths and weaknesses in your poems, asking the right questions to lead you towards improvement.

She has a breadth of knowledge about poetry and poets – and is often able to direct you to a poet she sees in your writing or who she thinks you should read. 

Jennifer possesses a generosity of spirit, and her inclusive and non-judgemental approach are the hallmarks of an effective mentor. Jennifer has a good soul and an obvious love of the written and spoken word.

Her advice as my mentor, even if I was initially unwilling to rework or change a poem, would always improve it and I have benefitted enormously as a poet from Jennifer’s guidance and honesty.’

Frank McHugh, Poet

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