If Burns’s collection is like the soothing chatter of grownups, the voices in JL Williams’s After Economy are more akin to the half-heard voices of dreams – compelling, disorientating, moreish – leaving you, on waking, wondering what just happened… The summary-haiku (which raises more questions than it answers) has it: ‘The red glittering / destruction of the self which / is also the heart.’ The heart slowly beats us into oblivion: a neat (if uncomfortable) thought, and one of many fecund ideas in this rich, strange collection. Penny Boxall, The Compass

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The dead remember their skin,
how it held the body in and that which
kissed.  They watch us night by night,
asleep, legs and bodies entwined,
receiving messages from every breath and drift.
jl williams

Writing On Poetry

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Photo Credit: Cooper Gallery DJCAD University of Dundee. Photographer: Kathryn Rattray

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