Poetry Poetry Poetry… and Aldeburgh!

What a busy time it has been lately!  We had the grand reopening of the Scottish Poetry Library last week, and it is so nice to be back together in our beautiful new building.  It has been especially fabulous to run some workshop sessions in our new dedicated workshop room, The Space.  I also love my sleek new Eiger standing desk, which not only looks amazing but also makes standing to work all day a pleasure.  I had the pleasure of playing a gig with my partner, James Iremonger, in our poetry and music band OPUL… we were on the bill with the band Let Spin at the Voodoo Rooms and a marvellous night was had by all.  Hopefully there will be some footage of that to share soon.  

Now I am on the first leg of an exciting journey which will take me to Aldeburgh for the 2015 Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, where I am the official Festival Blogger.  You can read all the blogs here and buy tickets, if you are able to make it along to any of the many fabulous events in this year’s programme, here.

Then I will be travelling to Norwich to read at a Cafe Writers event, and then down to London for a sniff round some of my favourite perfume shops, and a visit with my friend – the amazing compser I worked with on the Jerwood Opera Writing Programme, Sam Fernando – and finally to Barcelona for a meeting about international poetry exchanges.  Phew!  I am aiming to enjoy every minute of it.

I have a selection of poetry books to read on the train, plus John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, which I have been meaning to read (re-read?) for ages and the latest edition of Vogue… a little indulgence for the trip.  I have come to see fashion magazines as mostly part of a vehicle of commercialism that ultimately does nothing but damage to the environment, our society and our economy, however I do love looking at the pictures!  Naughty Jennifer.  


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Books by JL Williams include Condition of Fire (Shearsman, 2011), Locust and Marlin (Shearsman, 2014), House of the Tragic Poet (If A Leaf Falls Press, 2016), After Economy (Shearsman, 2017) and Origin (Shearsman, 2022). Published widely in journals, her poetry has been translated into numerous languages. She has read at international literature festivals and venues in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Cyprus, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro and the US. She wrote the libretto for the opera Snow which debuted in London in 2017, was awarded a bursary to develop a new opera with composer Samantha Fernando at the Royal Opera House and was a librettist for the award-winning 2020 covid-response Episodes project by The Opera Story. Williams curates writing events and creates workshops and professional development activities for poets. She is hopeful about the simple and mysterious power of poetry that allows us to know ourselves, each other and the world more deeply.

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