After Economy

‘For some reason, slightly unfathomable, I am reminded of a forest we visited on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido where the annual winter ice festival is held. The forest is sprayed for days by the local fire department, but not before flowers and colored lights have been hung within the branches, so when the whole forest turns to crystalline ice, the lights burn from within, the whole crystal forest glows, and when you walk there, flowers look out from the ice, arrested in full bloom. It is all so unexpected, and so extravagantly beautiful — something essential in such crystallization, and with fire in its core. Well, this vision returned to me reading your manuscript.’  Eleanor Wilner

a new collection exploring the fine line between abundance and apocalypse


After Economy is published by and available for purchase from Shearsman Books. Special thanks to Anupa Garnder for the cover image.

Scottish Poetry Library podcast featuring After Economy:

‘This poetry is so physical, it feels like my spinal bones tremble as I read.’ Atzi

JL Williams: expanding dialogue through poetry across languages, perspectives and cultures and in multimodal and cross-form work including explorations in visual art, music, dance, opera and theatre. 

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