out of chaos a voice    

greets you tender in the womb

as a mother does loving

already your ability to smile

the silver exchanged

is rain, vernix, coin, a quiver in time

for your unexpected arrival

before language and after language

there is light

in between there is this offering

of life

Photography by Rue Vėja Chaladauskaitė

Trippy. Utterly relatable. Moving AF. Every new mum should get a copy on prescription.

Llinos Jones

This collection not only exalts, is frightened for, and treasures new motherhood, but allows for its complexities and the terrible potential for loss, and especially I like how it doesn’t amputate mother-love from just the way we love as humans, sensuously and sometimes messily. It never slips into ‘saintly mother’ territory – it seems to recognise the burden that particular role has placed on women – for those who chose to have kids and those who didn’t.

Lynn Davidson

Published by Shearsman Books March 2022

from Origin by JL Williams

Cover Artwork by Anupa Gardner

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