Locust and Marlin


“The star of the evening was JL Williams, with a pitch-perfect delivery that had the audience hanging on every dreamy word.  Her poems were beautiful and mythic, conjuring evocative imagery that filled the room with magic.”

Ever Dundas, The List, 23 Jan-20 Feb 2014

There’s a refreshing brevity to Williams’ work, splashes of life and colour that aren’t afraid to let themselves stop ahead of schedule. These are glimpses, ruminations, reflections. They avoid answers, and I admire that in a poem. A quiet confidence permeates the collection, in which the poet taps us on the shoulder to ask what we’re doing… The pleasure of Locust and Marlin is most profoundly felt on reading it as a whole. Its tone is inviting, gentle, reassuring in its subliminal declaration that there are no real answers, and that we must each find our place amongst the questions.

Russell Jones; Poet and Editor

Locust and Marlin considers how, in lives bright and brief as a candle’s burn, we tell our stories and locate the places where we live and love. Where is the origin, our point in space from which we view the world? How much control do we have over who we are and what impact we have on the territory we inhabit? In a world whose boundaries and pathways are increasingly difficult to define, how do we find our way home?

Upcoming readings:

26 April, The Bakehouse, Gatehouse of Fleet, 7.00 pm, details here.

8 May, WordUp, Stirling, 8.00 pm, details here.

14 May, Poetry@The Ivory, Glasgow, details here.

You can order your copy of Locust and Marlin from a variety of outlets:

Order from The Book Depository

Order from

Order from Barnes and (USA)

Order from

Cover Image by Anupa Gardner, with many thanks.

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