2019 Part 1

How we spent the holidays… usually with the electric blanket on 6!

It has been a strange holiday time as my partner came down with a severe case of shingles which meant we spent a lot of time in various hospitals and in deep recovery mode in bed with the electric blanket blasting, however it has made me reflect on how lucky we have been/are for our health generally and to have the support of friends and family in our lives.

And suddenly it is 2019! The future! Still no flying cars and way too much plastic/environmental disaster and torture/slaughter of animals and people going on for my taste, but we’re always evolving.

Some of my new year’s resolutions include the traditional: saving more, yoga more, make lunch more, but also I am really going to try to think carefully about what I am buying/using and why, whether the products I purchase are ethical and reach me in an environmentally-friendly way (packaging, posting, etc) and to think about the supply chains I am supporting when I spend money, and to consider our day-to-day actions and impact and how we can reduce and improve. I was SO pleased to come across Edinburgh’s first zero waste grocery store – The Eco Larder – just before the holidays and hope to make this a regular part of how we buy food and household products.

I did not get as much writing done over the holidays as I had hoped as I think the stress of illness took a lot of my creative energy, but it still feels like a good time to focus on what joys this past year brought and what goals I will try to achieve in the coming year, including editing masses of pre-existing writing, writing new poems and continuing to send work out, with good wishes and little doves of hope! (This was getting long so I thought I’d make a part 2…)